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Hello world, indeed! Never has this title be more fitting for a first post than for a travel blog about a two-year trip around the world.

Welcome to my blog, dear friends, family and bots. For the next two years more or less I will be blogging and uploading photos here while I backpack around the world, visiting roughly 50 countries. 

If you know me personally, you know that traveling has always been one of my strongest passions and this journey is a dream come true, visiting almost any place on the planet without any restrains, time- or otherwise. Just following my heart and curiosity and see where I will end up.

Although doing a true round-the-world trip for a year or two has been always a dream, the circumstances and timing haven’t been quite voluntary. As you might know, I have been struggling with mental health issues for quite a while, especially work-related stress and anxiety which throughout my 10 years of freelancing got worse over time. The pandemic situation put the final nail in the coffin and after a mental breakdown I came to realize that I need a radical break from everything for an extended time to sort things out in my messy head.

I had been stuck at home in my cave for a year and a half until in spring 2021 I made the decision to go backpacking around the world for about two years to see beloved old places as well as discovering new ones while trying to find some answers of how I want to proceed in life and work. Extended vacations to the end of the world can do wonders in this regard.

Although I set up this blog before starting my trip, I am still filling in blog posts, photos and info months after, so check back again for more travel stories.

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Hello there!

I am Thomas and this is my personal travel blog as I travel around the world in 2022 – 2023.